Our cuisine is typical Catalan with touches of modernity, as it can not be otherwise is a cuisine based on local produce. In our restaurant we spend the products supplied by the different processors that we can find in the territory, like cheeses, beef, vegetables from the garden, game meat, fishing or mushrooms, among others. In the Hostal Víctor you will see the passage of the seasons through the kitchen.
Hostal Victor is currently run by Mrs. Carmen and her family. Our cook Montse Ramoneda will make you not want to get up from the table. Among our most typical dishes are the partridge with llanegas which is a century-old dish, the grandmother’s cannelloni, the chickpeas with prawns, the pork feet or the ravioli with mushrooms. Depending on the season, the dishes change, with products such as the pomegranate, mushrooms or figs in the autum, artichokes and carrion in the spring, and from June the products from the vegetable garden.
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We hope you enjoy our cooking and transport yourself to other times.