Oliana has recently become the favorite destination of some of the best climbers of the moment, all thanks mainly to Chris Sharma and Adam Oltra who were responsible to equip the main routes such as the famous Dura Dura 9b +
The main sector of the Oliana area is the so-called Contrafort de Rumbau, located in the municipality of Peramola, a wall full of climbing routes of extreme difficulty that the best climbers in the world can not resist to try. This climbing area has become very popular internationally, due to the great diversity and density of routes of great difficulty present. There are many climbers who year after year try themselves in these mountains.
However, Oliana is a climbing area for all audiences, where the newest can enjoy routes of their level, while seeing the spectacle offered by the great climbers on some of the toughest routes in the world. Other areas where you can enjoy lower level routes are Coll de Nargo or Alinya.
Apart from sport climbing in Oliana, you can also practice free climbing, for example on the Corb needle or the Rumbau wall, or if you like via ferrata you can enjoy it on the mountain of the cross in Oliana.